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Paint the Party a New with Fresh Pragmatic Politics

Young Conversative Candidate for Ohio's 13th Congressional District


Meet Santana

Twenty-five-year-old Santana is a born and raised Northeast Ohioan. Early in life, Santana knew his passion and life's aim was public service. His passion is statecraft and the pursuit of the common good, especially for those individuals who need it most. 

Hard work and industriousness are the Midwestern values learned from being raised in a modest blue-collar suburb. They lead Santana to graduate from the University of Maryland, earning a degree in Government and International Relations from a top public university. While in school, he was earned impressive internships on political campaigns, in local government, the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Senate on Capitol Hill, a job as a Defense Contractor with the U.S. Navy after graduation.

Currently, Santana works as a government consultant and staff writer for a small foreign affairs journal. 

Santana does not come from a wealthy family with ample connections. All of these accomplishments were achieved with hard work and perseverance. At its best, that is what this nation can offer all Ohioans: opportunities that reward hard work and ambition. 
He is proud of his blue-collar upbringing and being from Northeast Ohio. Being from Cleveland is how he introduces himself. 

Santana enjoyed and appreciated the years he spent at school and working in Washington D.C. but saw the vast difference in access to opportunity between Washington and Northeast Ohio. He saw how high-paying jobs and educational opportunities were readily available and the vast array of industries that were open to pursuing: ranging from business, government, defense, education, service, and all in-between. He saw how families and lives easily remained stable and were not undone by the fluctuations of unfair trade or big corporate maneuvers. 

Santana decided to come home to champion and fight for the people and values that guided him, following his passion for public service and the common good. To be someone who can truly showcase the best of Northeast Ohio. Someone who can give life to a party and a stagnant Congress. Someone who aims to be the statesman the people of Ohio and our nation needs to confront national issues. Someone who can genuinely showcase Northeast Ohio's best and reconcile, heal, and elevate a divided nation.


Campaign News and Issue Essays 


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