Our nation must diversify our economy and support small venture entrepreneurship in order to remedy the  inequality that exists between big-city America and middle America. This resolve begins by making it easier to start and maintain a small business. That means keeping taxes low and creating a national strategy to incentivize impactful investment in small and new businesses. To allow the friction of true free-market competition--not an inflated stock market--to strengthen the economy for all Americans. A healthy robust economy is one where money circulates throughout the entire economy instead of sitting and disproportionally inflating the value of large tech companies' shares. The only way to replace the industries of old and ensure jobs and opportunities for all is to create an economy that rewards hard work, ambition, and innovation. (Read More...)


National Security and Foreign Policy

What underpins the strength and stability of our nation is our predominant position on the international stage and America's supremacy over the current international order. That preeminent status is predicated on our dominant military apparatus, robust diplomacy, and earnest national security strategy. That prowess that does not position America as the ruler of the world order but as the paramount, leading, state that champions and protects democracy, freedom, and the liberal world order. We must invest into our military in order to meet the demands of modern warfare (e.g. strengthening the Navy and our cyber capabilities) and leverage our military and diplomatic clout to prevent authoritarian nations, like China and Russia, from eclipsing America in its role as leader of the international order. (Read More...)

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Affordable Healthcare 

Healthcare is essential to all Americans and their families to live a full, healthy life. Ohioans should have the freedom and the choice to choose their healthcare provider, too. Although, the cost of healthcare is crippling American families and must be reined in. As a nation, we encourage the pursuit of profit, but not the practice of exploitation. Exploitation is what many in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry are doing to American families. They produce vital, life-changing product, then sell them at an enormous profit margin—fully knowing that their product is scarce and devoid of alternatives. We must work to combat exploitative practices and make healthcare affordable and reduce the price inequality for Ohioans. 



As Americans, we must take responsibility to help those who risked their lives and served to protect our nation. Homelessness among veterans has become rampant and one of the most salient domestic issues. Struggling veterans need access to opportunities and resources--like education, efficient healthcare, and drug treatment. We Americans who have benefited from our military’s service must ensure every veteran has access to a healthy, stable, and prosperous life after service. (Read More...)



Today's world is globalized; National economies are increasingly interconnected. Though, the global economy is one still steered by the United States. International trade is an unavoidable and key component to a prosperous American economy. Therefore, we must practice free and fair trade and leverage our influence to ensure all nations follow fair trading practices and do not cheat the system and the American people. The competitive advantage of American trade is not natural resources or inexpensive labor costs but the high-quality production and innovation of American entrepreneurs. That is how Americans will compete and win in trade: not by having the cheapest labor but by possessing supreme products and services. Furthermore, we must create opportunities for Americans to profit from our strengths and gain access to lucrative international markets that remain closed off by authoritarian nations, like China. (Read More...)

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The mounting amount of student debt being shouldered by young Americans who pursue higher education is one of the most pressing issues to the American economy. In a growingly complex and competitive economy, education has increasingly become a requisite path to economic success. But it is not the only path. As a nation, our resolve must be to debloat the inflated cost of higher education and– just as important – improve the quality of our public schools and access to affordable post-secondary programs. Technical professions are in high demand and  we must highlight the alternatives to university as an equally promising route to a prosperous life. As an Ohioan, I understand the importance of blue-collar careers and their equal significance to our nation’s infrastructure. 

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Constitutional Freedoms

Americans are afforded rights by the constitution not as a privilege but as protection. Protection from one another and from a tyrannical authority, domestic or abroad.  Rights like the First and Second amendment are as crucial to our democracy as the right to vote. We must have the freedom to determine our own lives and live according to both law and our own volition. (Read More...



Energy underpins our modern life and tethers the global together; we consume energy with nearly every daily action we take. 2021 has highlighted the fragility of the current energy sector. Prices are volatile and fossil fuels are harming our environment. Coal and natural gas are finite and will inevitability expire one day, so it is imperative to look for clean and stable alternatives as a base source of energy. Because of the importance of our energy sector, we ought to explore clean and stable options like nuclear energy as base energy and invest in renewable sources– like wind, water, and solar – to supplement our demanding energy consumption. (Read More...