Primary voting guide: Meet the Republicans running for Ohio's 13th Congressional District

Akron Beacon Journal - April 24, 2022

Santana King

Why he's running: Santana King, 25, is the race's youngest candidate and works as a defense contractor for the Navy. With a background in public service, he said he wants to run because "I have no ambition but to serve the public."

Where he’s from: North Royalton

His top issues:

  • Reforming Republican Party's image: King said as a young, half-Hispanic, half-Black conservative, he hopes to give an "optical face lift" to the party to "ensure longevity of the party," particularly for young people who will not identify as a Republican because of the "recent image and administration."

  • National security: Expressing concern over China's threat to the United States, King advocated for increased national security and domesticating manufacturing and other industry that has left to overseas production.

  • Energy: "We need to be energy independent to combat climate change, which is controversial to say," he said. "I wish it wasn’t."

What differentiates him from other candidates: "I'm the only candidate in the race whose life and career has focused on public service and national security," he said. "If this election goes wrong, these candidates aren’t still going to be in public service or working in government like I will."

By Abbey Marshall, Akron Beacon Journal