Seven Republicans seek chance to win newly redrawn 13th district congressional seat -- April 30, 2022

King says he’s running for Congress because he’s frustrated at watching Republicans alienate Americans and watching candidates and elected officials focusing solely on winning elections rather than accomplishing anything in office to benefit the country. He’s also worried that current political leadership isn’t up to fighting Chinese efforts to usurp the United States “as the global leader and form a world order in its authoritarian image.”

“I worry the same politicians who think fellow Americans are their biggest threat will either -- because of incompetence -- miscalculate or ignore that coming global tension and contest,” said a statement from King. “Moreover, the same applies to other salient issues like energy, climate change, and the health of the U.S. and macro economy. Issues that impact all American individuals.”

If elected, he’d like to encourage a domestic economy that champions entrepreneurship, innovation, and small business success. He supports meeting growing energy demands by pursuing alternative energy production in the Midwest that is, both, reliably sustainable and clean. He also supports domestic production of strategically important goods and services vital to the nation’s economic health, such as steel, medicine, technology and energy. Doing so would help restore jobs to areas like Ohio that already have established infrastructure for industrial production.

“The world we’ve lived in the last 40 years is not the world we’re entering,” King told the Stow Republicans. “The world we’re entering is one of intense global contest. ... It’s not the same world order that we’ve seen.”

By Sabrina Eaton, and The Plain Dealer